MATCHING Crowdfunding Backers to campaigns that interest them 


Crowdfunding Isn't Perfect.

While it may seem simple, over 60% of campaigns fail, never reaching their funding goals and leaving campaign creators and backers disappointed - to say the least.


What if there was a way to increase your chances of crowdfunding success?


While campaigns fail for various reasons, one of the major reasons an idea never sees the light of day is because there aren’t enough backers. In the crowdfunding world, success is directly linked to the number of backers you have.

No crowd. No chance.

LaunchMii is the first matching system for crowdfunding!!!


Campaign Backers and Supporters

Great campaign creators are constantly looking for backers. And backers are always looking for the latest thing they’ll love. Success happens when these two paths crossed.

At LaunchMii we help this happen by having our backers create profiles with a detailed list of their interests. Armed with this information, we match our backers with creators from various platforms, including Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

By working with us, backers and supporters can be sure that they will:


Never miss a campaign. [+]


Only receive notifications that matter. [+]


Get the best rewards. [+]

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No longer risk the chance of failing!

launchmii provides resources for the creative mind


Campaign Creators

LaunchMii provides strategies and services for campaign creators that help them beat the odds of failing. By becoming a member you get access to invaluable information and services like:


How to run a successful campaign. [+]


Professional success services. [+]


Finding your backers. [+]