About Us


"An idea born out of need..."

LaunchMii started out of frustration when the founder required much needed funds in order to secure a property deal.  The seller was desperate to offload his home to avoid having it taken from him by liquidators.  Eventually the funds were found at the "eleventh hour" but this left the founder frustrated in his own circle of influence that he could not quickly come up with funds in order to help people.

The question that cropped up seemed simple enough:



Why Isn’t There A Way To Match Entrepreneurs With People Willing To Invest The Money - Quickly And Easily?


After discussing the question with some friends the conversation took on a comical direction with a great deal of laughter, joking and ridiculous ideas – “like a dating service for entrepreneurs!”

That was when it suddenly dawned that this could actually be done, with the right model.  With more discussions the idea that this service would best be implemented where matching entrepreneurs with "investors" is greatest, and that was CROWDFUNDING - where the "entrepreneurs" are the Campaign Creators and the "investors" are the Backers of those campaigns!!!

What you now see is the product of that initial conversation.  We used our network of colleagues, friends and entrepreneurs to develop a unique model that focuses on matching the needs profile of a crowdfunding campaign to profiles of crowdfunding backers, based on their:

1) past history

2) interests, and

3) behaviours


We are looking to provide more value-add services and resources as we develop them. We were fortunate enough to have people on hand to support us in many ways through mentoring, focus groups, financial modelling, marketing strategy, legal advice etc.  It’s this collaborative model that we want to share with entrepreneurs and innovators who are looking to fund their projects and expand their ideas through our services

 Our vision of providing this all-round service started with our personal journey and continues through to the story of our logo. 

LaunchMii logo

"It’s a group of individuals working together like cogs in a gear, working with great synergy and purpose - bringing energy and passion to the party, for the purposes of innovation. Awaiting the moment any one of them will launch into the stratosphere of entrepreneurial success."

"The grounding colour of deep royal purple signifies the experience and wealth of knowledge the platforms, partners and contributors, and the spritely lime and teals represent the aspirations, dreams and drive of the youthful innovators itching to launch."


“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine.”

- Alan Turing 

Father of Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence


our vision

  • LaunchMii will become the central hub for all that is Rewards Crowdfunding by offering services first to the Backers and then to any potential Campaign Creators

  • Rewards Crowdfunding will be more publicly recognised and mainstream for innovation and creativity

  • Backers of Rewards Crowdfunding will have an easier, more personal and more efficient method of finding campaigns they are interested in, on multiple platforms

  • Have a network and community of backers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and support services focused on furthering each individuals dreams and goals through rewards crowdfunding

  • Provide members looking to become Campaign Creators access to tools and resources relevant to them, removing road-blocks that stop their ideas and innovations from getting off the ground


our values

Fun is the key ingredient in all we do.

Use your initiative and creativity to get things done – wait for no one.

Celebrate your dreams, goals and achievements.


We are all amazing – our actions must reflect what we are.

Seek to be and do your best every day.

Help others wherever you can – if you can’t help, encourage!!!