Our First Blog Post

Well here we are half way through 2016.  LaunchMii is slowly gaining a following on Facebook with our daily posts of inspiring quotes, information for entrepreneurship and of course crowdfunding.  To build on this growth, we've decided to try our hand into blogging, by providing some information as to our progress in building a service for crowdfunding - both for creators as well as the all-important backers. 

Before we do, we thought it would be good to post some of our more popular posts from our Facebook page.  The first instalment we feel is an oldie but a goodie.  Originally posted on Forbes.com on 02 August 2012 called "Crowdfunding 101: The Basics", Chance Barnett outlines the very basics of what crowdfunding is.  Though we are almost 4 years to the day which that article was originally posted, it still stands as a good description of the 4 Main Crowdfunding methods (Donation, Pre-sales, Lending and Investment) out there today.  Along with some basic Pros and Cons, Chance does a great job distilling an often confusing environment down to the nitty gritty.  To read the complete article, please use the link below.  

Enjoy - The LaunchMii Team

Crowdfunding 101: The Basics (Chance Barnett)

Imagine an eBay-type website for investing and donating where you could login and browse causes and businesses, and find an “investment” that appeals to you.

You could contribute a small amount, become part of a community, and over time see the impact of your donation or investment.

Crowdfunding, at its essence, is exactly that — connecting “crowds” directly to those who need funds.

Crowdfunding websites offer a hassle-free way to find, vet, and support companies, causes and organizations, and contribute or invest directly without a middleman.

Crowdfunding makes investing more personal and impactful – giving you direct access to information and opportunities that were once the exclusive domain of people “in the know” or the privileged one percent of accredited investors.