We Launch In Two Days!!!

So we are now only two sleeps away from launching and we wonder if we've done enough for the first part of our new start-up.  We know that there is still a great deal to do and create to become a spectacular service for the crowdfunding audience, but is it going to be enough?  

As the founder writing this blog, I feel a bit anxious as to whether this first stage of our offering will be embraced by our loyal followers.  My team and I have looked at this situation from both the customer's point of view as well as our very own personal experiences and pains. We've done the surveys and the interviews.  We've read tons of information till our eyes felt like they were bleeding.  Again...is it enough?

Our software team tell me that the matching system works and the webpages are set.  We've made agreements in principle with companies to provide services (though these won't be available till confirmed).  Our legal team has been working hard making sure we're positioned well.  But is it enough?

Thinking about all these issues I remember reading an article in Entrepreneur.com by Carolyn Sun titled 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Business.  Sun outlines, as the title suggests, what to avoid when creating your baby online.  I reflect on how this is not any different to creating a crowdfunding campaign.  It's no wonder that Social Media, Planning and Financing is part of this list.

When we interviewed campaign creators, these were the primary problems they faced and didn't really consider till it was too late.  As we stressed here at LaunchMii, the crowd is very important to success and without it, the journey will be all uphill.  Of course, if you plan well, this can be overcome and of course finances will follow when it comes to crowdfunding.  

But what about the initial costs?  Here's where we came across an interesting fact...some failed campaigns were loathe to spend ANY money on marketing, obtaining a crowd, getting advice or education.  They thought that their idea alone would make them millionaires overnight.  And so, they failed.  Sometimes, in hindsight, they agreed with us about where their mistakes were.

Of course as the article stated, doing the opposite and not worrying about the money and spending "willy nilly" is a huge mistake as well!  There needs to be a middle ground...and this will be unique to every situation.

Here at LaunchMii we came close to making some of these mistakes, but we learned quickly and adjusted where possible.  The result?  We launch in a couple of days.  Will we succeed?  We think so.  But we are also very cautious in being too arrogant and must listen to our customers, focus on our plan, watch what we spend and focus on Sun's second last point, which we feel is the greatest problem to overcome, and that is...Underestimating the obsession and drive it takes to succeed.  We remain hungry and driven!