Launch in T-Minus...!!!

Well here we are in 2017!  It's been a very tumultuous time these past few months since our last entry around the world, but I assure you WE have not been idle.  We have developed our matching and curating system for Backers so that they will:

  1. NO LONGER have to "troll" through crowdfunding sites to find something that they want
  2. NO LONGER receive unnecessary e-mails recommending campaigns that do not meet the backers interests or requirements
  3. most importantly, NEVER AGAIN miss a campaign or cool reward level!!

But we've not forgotten the Campaign Creators out there!  Services that we offer any creator as a member include:

  1. ALL the benefits of a Backer
  2. DISCOUNTS to services to help them with their campaign
  3. EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES to teach them all they need to know to run a successful
  4. CONSULTATION services for the personal touch

We have partnered with an amazing education company that has distilled the secrets of some of the most successful campaigns that have collectively raised $56 Million in funding!  WE are also looking to work with another company that can also provide education about Public Relations (PR), Marketing and Branding.  We'll keep you all up to date with these.

So as you can see we have not been idle!  We are looking to provide a comprehensive service for the Crowdfunding industry by servicing both the Campaign Creators and the "often forgotten" Backers.  So get on board now and lodge your interest in joining by going to and click "Join" or follow this link HERE.  

Those that sign up or lodge their interest early will be eligible for a "FOUNDERS" membership price that we'll reveal closer to Launch.  So get on board before you miss the flight!!!

We are looking forward to our launch date and wish you all happy Crowdfunding!!

From the LaunchMii Team