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Become a (Successful) Campaign Creator

Campaign creators are not only the backbone of crowdfunding, they are the backbone of innovation. But, in order for your idea to take flight, you need funds. Just like any fledgling business, funding can make or break even the best ideas.

To successfully fund your idea you must change the way you think about it: It is, in fact, a business.

The funding you need for your idea is no different than the funding a start-up business needs. (Yes, it’s that important!)

But, because 60% of crowd funding campaigns fail, successfully reaching your funding goals is by no means easy.


To succeed, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Lack of planning. [More]


Like all things, planning is key! Unfortunately, there’s a misconception about what planning really is. Planning is not just coming up with an idea and cobbling together steps that are bound to make you a fortune. The backers you need to fund your campaign are not simply going to appear out of thin air.

In order to attract backers, creators like you need to plan every single step. You need to know exactly who your backers will be (what makes them tick?), how much money you really need, and how to effectively communicate your idea.

2. Trying to do everything yourself. [More]

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While creating a successful campaign might not seem hard, there are more moving pieces than you realize. Having a team to support you along the way is essential. In fact, almost every single campaign that has met its funding goals has been created by a team.

You might be worried that a team is too expensive, but not achieving your goals because you refused to invest is way more costly in the end. Even just outsourcing a few key steps can be the difference between success and failure.

3. Taking bad advice. [More]

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Don’t listen to anyone that has never successfully funded a campaign. As intelligent or well-intentioned your friends and family might be, they can’t know what they haven’t experienced. Seek out mentors and advice from people in the industry, those who have done what you want to do.


So what is the solution?


You need everything in one place.

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You need somewhere to go that will help you plan, that will give you support at crucial steps, and that can offer you real-world, proven advice.

That place is LaunchMii.

Experts in crowdfunding and start-ups, we help teams reach their goals. And we know how, because we’ve reached our own.

Guided by our knowledge and experience, we can eliminate the headaches and frustration, giving you all the resources you need to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Plus, thanks to our strategic partnership agreements, becoming a member with LaunchMii will give you special discounts, packages, and exclusive member-only perks.


Some services include:


Other services and resources will include

Self-directed education and guide for crowdfunding

Campaign checklists

Business plan analysis and validation



Animation Services

Digital Marketing

Growth Hacking

Campaign Fulfilment Software

Business and Mindset Coaching

and much much more!




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