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Why be a backer on launchmii?

What’s the benefit of becoming a backer on LaunchMii?

Good question!

To start, we take time to actually get to know you. This personal relationship allows us to recommend campaigns that are exciting, eliminating the need for you to do your own time-consuming research. We can even leverage the information you give us access to in your social media profiles in order to better tailor the campaigns we recommend.

Backed by our PROPRIETARY MATCHING SOFTWARE, a system that was created in-house by one of our genius developers, we guarantee that the campaign notifications you receive from us will be ones that you are genuinely interested in.



1. Save time. [More]

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Unless you know specifically which campaign you are looking for, finding a campaign to back can be a tedious process. While each platform has a “search” tool available, there is still quite a bit of sifting you must do to find the best campaigns.

But, when you become a LaunchMii member, we do all of the searching for you. We monitor the platforms for profile matches and then send you notifications when we discover something awesome.

2. Receive interest based notifications. [More]

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No, it’s not the junk mail you’re used to from other platforms. Because of our matching software, you only receive notifications that are genuinely interested. We use a much more highly targeted algorithm to make sure any emails you get are worth your time.

3. Get there first. [More]

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Being one of the first backers to a campaign comes with huge rewards. Get there too late and you can miss out on some really awesome deals. But when you have LaunchMii on your side, you’re guaranteed to be one of the first to know. ALWAYS. From the minute a matched campaign goes live, you’ll receive your first notification, giving you an insider’s advantage that is usually only reserved for the creator’s family and friends.

4. Enjoy incentives and rewards. [More]

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LaunchMii isn’t just a platform, it’s a community. By joining, you receive incentives, rewards, and recognition, which makes being a member not just useful, but fun!



Which crowdfunding platforms do we cover?

LaunchMii is currently only covering the biggest Rewards Based Crowdfunding platforms.




Launched in 2009, Kickstarter is probably the largest platform in the world. Based on an all-or-none (fixed) model, Kickstarter boasts some of the largest grossing campaigns ever.  



Formed in 2008 with the intent to help fund independent films, IndieGoGo began accepting other projects in 2009. Campaigns can be either fixed or flexible, which creates variety to the funding goals you see..


...And many more to come!!!

As LaunchMii grows, we will be adding more Rewards-Based Crowdfunding platforms to our system.

By becoming a LaunchMii member today, you will receive access to both the backer and creator resources. This means, if you ever decide it’s time to create your own campaign, you’ll have all the tools you need already at your fingertips.

What's stopping you?

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